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ByXpress Launches

ByXpress launched in May 2015. The company invested in this project over two years of intensive development, and the concept was presented to almost 2,000 people in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. MLm Professional Urban Turnsek has been appointed as CMO.
And the only way you can join ByXpress is for free.
Since the very beginning, the company has been operating from almost all over Europe and is already starting preparations for a strong start at the Asian market, which will follow shortly.
In its core, ByXpress is a search engine. The company incorporated in one place online shopping, travel and booking portals, news, social media, online education, gaming and more.
ByXpress is a revolutionary concept that is combining the biggest online trends under one roof. This is the first platform that unites mobile innovations, advertising trends


Reliv Launches New Mobile-Friendly Business Sites

Reliv International, a maker of nutritional supplements that promote optimal health, announced that the company has introduced new custom websites for independent Reliv distributors. Reliv rolled out the sites to its distributor field this month via a series of instructional videos.
The new websites are mobile-ready, adjusting to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This adaptability enables Reliv distributors to use the sites’ other updated features to conduct key business activities anywhere they can access the internet.
he sites are also customizable, allowing their owners to select the pre-produced content they wish to highlight and to upload their own photo and Reliv success story.
“The new personal websites speed up the Reliv business like never before,” said Ryan Montgomery, Reliv president. “Distributors and consumers can more easily