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Wake Up Now – Going Out Of Business

Master distributor Brandon Boyd and Top Earner Eric Turner resign.
As reported earlier about Wake Up Now (WUN) by Business For Home on May 2014, about WUN financial concens,  in October 2014, CEO Kirby Cochran stepped down,  29 Januari Wake Up Now was looking for a new investor and not paying out commissions, blaying the payment processor, it seems the company is going out of business.
The company denied earlier they were having commission payment problems however if you read WUN top earner Eric Turner statement, Business For Home was on spot.
Ten thousands of distributors are left in the dust.
Master Distributor Brandon Boyd stated on January 30:
We have never had a better back office, better compensation, better shipping, better packages, and more focused management than we have right now. We are primed between Feb. and March to be stronger than ever before in a big way. I am extremely encouraged about our future and what is about to be released next week.
However on 9 February Brandon Boyd left the company:
“As of today, after (5) years, I have made the decision to leave WUN. Its time to take my talents elsewhere.”
Top Earner Eric Turner AKA ” Seemore Green” stated on his facebook


Direct Sellling Companies Complaints Poll – February 2015

Unfortunately we receive regular complaints about Direct Selling Companies with requests to publish the complaints on this website.
“I did not get paid”, “I paid for products which were never delivered”, “My company delayed payments, blaming the payment processor” etc. It would be very time consuming for us to publish all, as it requires in-depth research.
Sometimes it are isolated cases, sometimes it are signs for bankruptcy or, closing down operations such as recently Conligus, Wake Up Now, Bellamora, Jamie At Home, The Freedom Fighters Network, Votre Vu, Lyfestart, Lia Sophia.
As we report “the good, the bad and the ugly news”, a poll is an honest way to inform the industry about a company ‘s reputation and credibility. If a company does not pay out commissions, does not deliver, is terminating without cause distributors, this is the place to be and It is an alert for management to improve their operations. Consider this poll as an early warning system for professionals.
This is NOT a poll you want to end up high as a Direct Selling company. Why a poll? Because we have a great system in place:
You can vote only 1 time per poll. We can keep “trolls” and “haters” and “Bogus


Conligus Freezing Commissions

In October 2014 Conligus was founded in Malta by Fabrice Kerherve and the Steinkeller brothers, formally Organo Gold Crown Diamonds.
Christian, Aron and Stephan Steinkeller are from South Tyrol, Italy near the Austrian border. Combined estimated earnings for the 3 brothers has been $300,000 – $500,000+ per month in 2013.
As of 5 February 2015, commissions are frozen for 30 – 60 days for “restructuring” according to a message to the Conligus community blaming “criminal attacks from different fraud organizations”.
According to the conligus website: 
“Conligus is a global community of members spread over 6 continents in over 160 countries. We are growing with thousands of members every month and we are creating the entrepreneurs of the future with one simple concept in mind: Share the wealth”.