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Trévo Continues Steady Rise In Industry

As 2014 comes to a close, Trévo, a nutritional supplement company based in Oklahoma City, Okla., is looking back on yet another year of explosive growth.
In just 27 months of being in full operation, Trévo Life and Health Coaches are out earning longer-tenured leaders from other direct sales companies all over the world. In fact, in under three years Trévo has already seen five of its leaders become $1 million earners, and 300 leaders are earning $10,000 or more each month! As Trévo continues its rise up the MLM ranks, those numbers are growing exponentially.
“We started this company with the purpose of seeing lives changed, both through our product, and through the countless opportunities that come from being a part of the Trévo team,” Trévo CEO Mark Stevens said. “Our numbers speak for themselves. We enter 2015 knowing that we are carrying out that purpose, and that this is only the beginning.”
Despite being one of the youngest companies in the industry, Trévo has already done plenty to put its stamp on the MLM market, and is showing no signs of slowing down. In a recent poll of over 600 direct sales companies, Trévo checked in at #21. The company has


Demand For Herbalife Product Grows Despite Naysayers conducted a survey and the results are promising. They explain below: 
Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) stock has dropped 51.18% year-to-date (YTD), due to weaker-than-expected financial results for its past two quarters and rising concerns of the company running a pyramid scheme.
To get some insight into the demand for Herbalife’s products and the company’s business model, Bidness Etc conducted a survey of Herbalife’s distributors.
The results of our survey support the argument that real demand for Herbalife’s products exists, distributors remain largely satisfied with the company, international regions like South Africa remain strong drivers of growth for the company, and company sales are continuing to grow in both developed and developing markets.
The survey was conducted from December 16 — December 19, on 26 Herbalife distributors from the US and 25 distributors from international markets, including China, South Africa, Germany, the Middle East, and India.
After analyzing the survey results, we have shortlisted seven eminent themes for Herbalife Ltd., which are as follows:
Strong Growth In Demand For Products
According to most respondents, from both US and international markets, sales for Herbalife products are growing at a high rate. 92% of the US respondents said their sales of Herbalife products have increased compared to last month, while 96% of international respondents stated the same.
Distributor Janet Gayle from


The Healthy Home Company Works Toward Saving Lives Of Law Enforcement

The Healthy Home Company has a mission to make the home a safer place to raise families. In-Vest USA is dedicated to supporting our communities by helping protect those who protect us – our first responders. Today, these two organizations have joined forces to save the lives of law enforcement officers by providing them with body armor through In-Vest’s USA’s Bless the Vest campaign to avoid future incidents like the tragic shootings that happened this past week in New York.
In-Vest USA’s Bless the Vest campaign provides law enforcement officers with protective body armor vests to wear while on duty protecting our families, communities and homeland. While many believe that officers are provided a vest as part of their equipment, this is far from the truth.

An officer not wearing a body armor vest is 14 times more likely to be killed by a firearm than an officer wearing a vest.
40% of officers (almost 400,000) do not have a protective vest.
Of those who do have a protective vest to wear on duty, nearly 20% of those vests do not fit properly. A properly fitting vest can mean the difference between life and death.
Body armor vests must be replaced every 5 years and cost around


ViSalus Honored With Highly-Acclaimed W3 Award

ViSalus’ Content Marketing department received an esteemed 2014 W3 Silver Award in Copywriting for its Vi Blog and its blog extension program, the Vi Today’s Share.
The W3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web, and recognize the professionals behind the creative and marketing teams of the award-winning sites, marketing programs, social content and mobile sites. In its ninth year, W3 is the major web competition where companies submit content to be sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Artists (AIVA), an invitation-only, membership-based organization of leading web professionals.
More than 4,000 entries worldwide were submitted — many from Fortune 500 companies and international agencies and firms. Entries were judged by the AIVA in four categories with criteria upholding a high standard of excellence.     

“We are so proud of our outstanding, hard-working and innovative team of marketing professionals,” said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “From sharing exclusive interviews and company news, to industry tips and inspirational stories from within the Vi Community, our marketing team uses storytelling to show how we are transforming lives across the globe.”  

Vi’s Content Marketing team is responsible for the Vi Blog, which has generated more than 1 million impressions this year.