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Lyoness Develops Program To Help Small & Medium Sized Businesses

As part of its loyalty program for loyalty merchants, Lyoness increasingly focuses on the area of SME. With the Lyoness Solution Pack SME partners receive marketing solutions which are reserved otherwise to large companies: Efficient tools to gain new customers and retain loyal customers. “This way, also SMEs can implement a professional and personal customer management and, thus, achieve a sustained profit increase“, says Harald Koch, Member of the Board Lyoness Group AG.

Lyoness Solution Pack

The SME service package’s basis is a tablet with a specifically developed app providing a variety of functions for customer binding. A set of customer cards branded with the respective company logo allows Lyoness members to use all Lyoness benefits at all loyalty merchants. In addition, SMEs are provided different modules for their professional new and regular customer management: With the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) by Salesforce – the worldwide leading provider for CRM solutions – amongst others, newsletters can be sent to selected loyal customers and customer satisfaction surveys can be implemented.
Furthermore, market- and customer-specific statistics and sectoral comparisons can be collected so as to use the data for target group optimized marketing strategies and decisions. Besides all this, SMEs can advertise online sales campaigns and will shortly be able to offer target group


Direct Selling Industry Growth In India Is Slowing

The direct selling industry, which is facing challenges in the Indian market due to regulatory issues, has witnessed a reduced 4.3% growth in 2013­-14 compared to 12.2% in 2012­13 fiscal, says a report. Gross sales stood at Rs 7,472.2 crore in 2013­14 while the industry had posted a growth of 12.2% in 2012­-13 with sales amounting to Rs 7,164.1 crore, said a report issued by industry chamber PHD in association with the Indian Direct Selling Industry (IDSA).

“The direct selling industry has registered growth rate of about 4.3% in 2013-­14 as against the growth rate of 12.2% of 2012-­13, 22% of 2011-­12 and 24% of 2009-­10,” the report said.

Although the growth rate in India is on a decline in the past three fiscal years, on a global basis the direct selling industry has grown over 8% in 2013, it added. The North region accounted for 29% of sales ­­ the highest level ­­ with an increase of 12.2%, followed by South region with 25%. However, the South region saw a drop in sales.

“Southern region, which was earlier our main base, is not doing well due to lack of clarity on the policy for direct selling. In state like Kerala, direct selling has stopped,” said IDSA Secretary General Chavi Hemanth.

Products related to healthcare/wellness contributed 44%, followed by cosmetic and personal


Avon Under Investigation

Zamansky LLC announces that it has commenced an investigation of Avon Product Inc.’s (AVP) employee personal savings account plan (the “Plan”) for potential violations of the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”).
ERISA imposes fiduciary duties to prudently manage and invest plan assets. These duties were allegedly violated by Avon Products’ continued offering of its company stock during a pending federal investigation for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”).
Since 2010, Avon’s stock price has fallen from over $40 per share to below $10 per year. Avon’s collapse in stock price relates to the FCPA investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission. The FCPA makes it illegal for U.S.-companies operating in foreign countries to pay bribes or kickbacks.
Separate shareholder lawsuits have alleged that Avon engaged in systemic FCPA violations, and misrepresented its revenues from various foreign countries. One lawsuit also alleges that Avon made numerous misrepresentations about the extent, reach and costs of the investigations against the company.
According to employee stock and investment fraud attorney, Jake Zamansky, Avon Products’ employees who purchased and held company stock (AVP) through the Plan since 2010 have suffered substantial losses to their retirement savings. The FCPA


14 Year Old Founder Of 250 Million Dollar Company Shares What She Learned

Bella Weems founded Origami Owl when she was just 14 years old. Cosmopoliton magazine had an exclusive interview with her where she shares the 6 things she learned on the way to becoming a millionaire:
You wouldn’t normally take career advice from someone who can’t legally buy a drink yet, but maybe this time, you should. Bella Weems founded her own custom-jewelry company, Origami Owl, when she was just 14 and has since grown it into a multimillion-dollar business. Here, the young exec shares her secrets for success.
1. Ignore the Haters—Even the Ones You Love
Especially when you have an idea that seems risky or different from what everyone is doing, you’re going to hit some red lights. (Reminder: Those are generally the best ideas!) When people tell you not to go for it or give up when things get tough, remind yourself they’re doing so because “they think they are protecting you from failure,” says Bella. “They mean well, but you have to have faith in yourself for others to also.” Use their doubt as momentum. After all, without the risk of failure, there would be no such thing as success.
2. Establish Your Core Values
Whether they’re unwritten but etched in the back


Cinsay Targets The MLM Industry With Its Technology

Cinsay, the leader in video commerce, is targeting the growing MLM, IBO and Direct Selling business models with the expansion of its video technology.
The company has already seen early success with the launch of its promotional video commerce and lead generation video player for several direct selling organizations. Based on the response, there is a tremendous, untapped opportunity within the industry for Cinsay’s unique video and social commerce technology.
The global market for direct selling continues to grow with sales in the U.S. alone up 3.3% in 2013 to $32.67b from 2012. This growth will most likely continue as people seek new and creative ways to diversify their incomes. According to one Forbes business contributor, Robert Laura stated, “I believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.” The expansion of those markets comes from a wide variety of businesses including: health and beauty, personal care, services, clothing and accessories, leisure, activities and durables.
The Perfect Technology for the MLM Market:
As the Internet and various social media sites have become ubiquitous to everyday life, coupling direct selling opportunities with unique and compelling technologies can create a ‘game changing’ moment


Kleeneze Loses Nearly A Quarter Of Sales After A Period Of Poor Service Levels

Half-year results from Findel (FDL) told a tale of two parts. The Kleeneze marketing business lost nearly a quarter of sales as it struggled to win back customers following a period of poor service levels.
Luckily, a flexible cost base stemmed the bottom-line damage: divisional operating profit fell by just £1m, giving a £0.4m loss. Still, the dire result forced management to take a £19m impairment charge on the business, which explains the dramatic fall in reported earnings.
Excluding this charge, the group made a pre-tax profit of £1.5m, compared with losses the year before. Much of that was thanks to Express Gifts. This personalised shopping service enjoyed a 6 per cent increase in sales, boosting profits by almost a half to £4.8m, as efforts to improve the pricing and product range and trim costs paid off. Bad debt levels from credit customers also improved dramatically.
Elsewhere, tighter school budgets trimmed profits in the educational supplies division, but sports-merchandise retailer Kitbag enjoyed decent top-line growth and almost halved its losses to £1.5m. Importantly, Findel is exploring a sale, and several parties have expressed interest. Any proceeds would be used to cut debt, which fell by £15.8m to £116m, net of cash.
Oriel Securities expects adjusted