Over $22 Million In Combined Earnings Among Visalus’ Three Top Earners

There’s no doubt that passion, purpose and goodwill can get you far in life. With Visalus, it can possibly be a multi-million-dollar-earnings kind of far.
Recently, three of Vi’s top earners achieved over $22 million in combined earnings with the company. Global Ambassadors Nick & Ashley Sarnicola celebrated the $10-million mark, while Global Ambassadors Jason & Jennifer O’Toole and Crown Ambassador Kyle Pacetti each earned over $6 million… all in less than five years.
For these three top industry leaders, their multi-million-dollar earnings are a testament to their passion and unwavering commitment to transforming millions of lives through Vi.

“I became a promoter for Vi as a Co-Founder to prove what can be done in this company. The model, products, and the people hands down are the best in the business. Anyone with unlimited desire and willingness to grow can achieve this milestone one day as well,” said Nick.

As for Kyle, who will be celebrating his fifth year with Vi next year, helping more than half a million people take on The Challenge and helping others gain financial freedom is success all on its own.
“If we believe in our company, believe in the mission and believe in ourselves, then that belief can help us achieve greatness,” Kyle said.


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