The Top 5 Independent MLM Trainers – Eric Worre And Others

We got the question:
“Who are the top 5 independent MLM trainers in the world, as we would like to hire a trainer for our world convention, who has had major success in the past as a distributor and can explain, train, motivate our distributors?”.
Our answer:
Almost every MLM trainer in the world has a deal with a MLM company as a distributor, the pool is very small…
Tim Sales is connected to ARIIX, Randy Gage to Agel, John C. Maxwell to ViSalus, Todd Falcone to Send Out Cards, to mention a few.
That is why Direct Selling companies often hire motivational speakers as Darren Hardy, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, they know the Direct Selling industry, however had no real success as distributor.
Based on Facebook likes, Eric Worre, followed by 26,000 people is the most popular independent MLM trainer, his fanpage has almost 500,000 likes see Network Marketing Pro Page.
Since he stepped out of Send Out Cards as distributor his popularity has grown immense.
He has been a leader in the Network Marketing Profession for over 25 years. He is retired from being a distributor and focused exclusively on Network Marketing Pro, his career has given him a broad range


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