Building A Global Empire One Ripple At A Time

Kathy Aaron’s career as a full-time, professional networking leader spans nearly two and a half decades. The philosophies she’s learned along the way from industry gurus like Napoleon Hill and Jeff Olson are ever-lasting truths that she says, “Don’t change with time or circumstances. Instead, they are a blueprint for creating a life of joy and prosperity.”
“I believe we are all here to live up to the God given potential we have within us, and to make a difference in this world and in the lives of everyone we touch. This is what drives me and motivates me to continue to build large organizations, as it is in the synergy of the relationships we develop that more people achieve their goals and dreams,” Aaron says.
The clarity that exists within Nerium International’s leadership drew Aaron, a 3-Star National Marketing Director, and her daughter, Melanie, to the company. Who they are, where they are going and how they are getting there—Nerium knows. Something Aaron says is a “very unusual dynamic.”
“Nerium is not just a skin care company. It is a company that is committed to making a difference and spreading a positive ripple,” Aaron says.
“We create a family atmosphere so everyone


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